About Us

Journey To The West aims to promote the video game industry and animation by rewarding the best companies and jobs related to one of the most important sectors at the international level and more job generator especially in the younger market: the video game market and animation.

The video game market occupies a privileged position within the audiovisual and interactive leisure sector, so the developer industry offers wonderful and incredible business opportunities in areas of strong growth, generating enormous added value as well as a strong employment to international society.

The great transversality and versatility of new technologies, and especially the techniques used in the development of video games and animation, allow other sectors of the digital industry as well as traditional industries to benefit from their continuous innovation.

Extensive experience in the development of simulations, artificial intelligence systems, and interactive 3D technology opens horizons in sectors such as health, training, engineering, architecture, and defense. In addition, the application of gamification techniques to business environments encourages the increase of productivity, the increase of sales and the loyalty of customers and users.

jttwonline.com is an online festival where the industry and the international companies of video game development and the Animation will be awarded for his best works. Only the best are selected by a jury composed of members related to the video game and animation sector and will be raised with the coveted Game Festival statuette in each category.

jttwonline.com aims to promote the image and interests of companies and entities committed to the development of this sector and aims to advocate for its institutional recognition as a strategic, highly technological sector, engine of new business models, job generator and international exponent of our Culture. All of the winners will be published on our website, as well as a video with all the winners and their works, thus giving maximum international dissemination to the winners.